Floor Cleaners: FCSG & FCSV

Self-Rotary Floor and Grate Cleaning

Tool Obsolescence Notice:

Please be aware StoneAge will discontinue production of push-style floor cleaners after November, 2014.

Features & Benefits

Tool feature: How this helps:
Jet powered rotation No compressed air drive required
4 jet radiused head utilizing the SG swivel Powerful self-rotating assembly provides excellent jet quality
Adjustable rotation speeds Dwell time can be made longer for heavier deposits or shorter for lighter deposits
Easy height adjustment Adapt standoff distance to surface conditions
Wide jet path Cleans large areas quickly
Optional vacuum system Recovers water and cleaned material from area of operation
Dump valve handle Quick release for increased safety


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FCSG & FCSV Floor Cleaners

Maximum Pressure 15k or 20k psi (1000 or 1400 bar)
Maximum Flow 28 gpm (110 l/min)
Jet Path Diameter 24 in. (610 mm)
Rotation Speed 300-1000 rpm
Nozzles 4 x AP4
Weight 255 lbs (116 kg)

Note: The FCSV is equipped with a 4″ Camlock vacuum system and internal vacuum dome. The FCSG can easily be converted to use a vacuum system.



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