StoneAge Marketing Team

Bill Shires

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Bill Shires - Waterblast Tool Marketing My experience with the industry is 15 years with StoneAge. My last few positions here have involved growing our international dealer network and is now transitioning into a dealer training mode. This extensive travel has given me a great perspective on the endless applications for our tools and an opportunity to see all the great technology and wonderful people in our field.

What is your super power?

Getting people to work together, whether it’s two different companies or teams within StoneAge, to reach goals.

What pumps you up?

Hearing about new applications, designing and manufacturing a new tool for the job, then hearing about the successful completion. It’s really cool to see all that come together.

What is your favorite tool?

It has to be the Banshee line of tube cleaning tools. This technology has surpassed our previous designs by a tremendous amount. That’s also one of the reasons I like being a part of StoneAge so much. We are constantly creating new tools and improving on existing technology.

Tell us your favorite job story?

Bill cleaning pipeline in MexicoThe story I tell the most is when I was working with WOMA de Mexico and we were in the sewer/drain tunnel systems under Mexico City. The smells and sounds were indescribable! We walked miles of tunnels analyzing the success of our concrete removal for relining. At some point late in the night we were walking a section that had about 3 feet of sludge and water at the bottom of the tunnel. I was walking in the lead of 3-4 guys and I saw a wake in the water coming right at me. I had visions of crocodiles or a gnarly fish called Alligator Ghar coming to eat me. I started climbing the inside wall of the pipe! My friend and colleague from WOMA de Mexico reached down in the sludge and pulled up a cable that was being retracted a few miles up the tunnel and we found that the wake was caused by some debris caught on the cable. That was a crazy job to be on.

How to contact me:

Toll-Free: (866) 795-1586 x1019
Direct: 970-403-1419

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