StoneAge Founders

John Wolgamott


John graduated from the University of Colorado’s School of Engineering, and did graduate work at the Colorado School of Mines. It was there in 1974 as a research engineer that he first became involved with waterjets to cut and drill rock.  In 1979, he and Jerry Zink founded StoneAge in Durango, Colorado to commercialize waterjet technology for the uranium mining industry. That didn’t pan out so well, but luckily they found another market for their technology in industrial waterblasting.

What is your experience in the industry?

John is a charter member of the Waterjet Technology Association and served on its Board of Directors since the founding in 1983 until 2011. He served in many capacities, including Secretary, Treasurer, and was Chairman of the Board from 1997 to 2009. He is a co-inventor of several patented tools, has authored numerous research papers, and presented instructional sessions on waterjet applications at WJTA conferences.

What is your super power?

Patent acquisition!

What pumps you up?

Skiing, hiking, biking, camping, river rafting, bike-touring, and cruising in warm waters during the winter. John is lucky to have his wife Angela join him in these activities and spending time with their four daughters and three grandchildren.

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