StoneAge Engineering Team

Jeff Barnes

Product Engineer

I have worked at StoneAge for 10 years. During this time, I’ve designed tools and machines to handle a wide range of cleaning environments. I have significant experience working with end-users to ensure our products perform in demanding conditions/applications.

What is your favorite tool?

It is a tie between the RAM and the Torus (I might be a little biased as I designed these products).

What pumps you up?

I enjoy spending time with my family, the mountains, ranching, and bow hunting.

What is your super power?

No super powers.
Editorial Comment: One of Jeff’s super powers (in addition to his humility) is his comprehensive approach to engineering. He creates excellent products that perform!

How to contact me:

Toll-Free: (866) 795-1586 x1025
Direct: 970-403-1425

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