StoneAge Engineering Team

Doug Wright

Director of Research and Development

I have worked as an engineer at Stoneage for 17 years, conducting design and testing of our tools, testing the performance of waterjets, and the effectiveness of jetting on many materials. Prior to this I was a graduate student under Dr. David Summers at the University of Missouri at Rolla, applying waterjets to the drilling of rock. Lately I have been involved in design, testing and field support for Imperial Oil, Syncrude, and Exxon for the removal of refractory and coke during plant turnarounds.

What is your super power ?

To picture myself as the waterjet and imagine what it is doing to remove or clean a material.

What pumps you up?

Water, 2500 hp of it… being able to remove refractory with waterjets in 17 hours when it would have taken 30 days by manual chipping, and the cases where my educated guesses on waterjet performance are close to the actual result.

How to contact me:

Toll-Free: (866) 795-1586 x1016
Direct: 970-403-1416

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