StoneAge Dealer Support Team

Sword Zhou

Independent Asia Consultant

I am pretty new at StoneAge, but not a novice in the water-blasting industry. My father has been in this business for 30 years. When I was 6 years old I went to my father’s company. That was the first time I saw a water jet pump made by Uraca which was only able to pump up to Max 300 bar pressure. In China, during my high school and university days, I worked part-time for my father so I could afford the money to go on dates! I was a pump operator, gunner, and office worker. I obtained priceless experience in the technical and marketing aspects of water-blasting during that period. Fall 2006 saw me arrive in Canada so I could improve my English and embark on an MBA. Over the next four years, I became acquainted with StoneAge’s staff and its business environment. I joined the firm in the summer of 2010 as an Independent Asia Consultant. Now, I am working with all the StoneAge people to expand sales of our products in the Asian market.

What is your favorite tool?

That would be the Barracuda. The Barracuda has been on the market for many years, but it is still in huge demand in several industries, such as painting, industrial cleaning, stone-polishing and so on. Its main strengths would be easy field maintenance, reliable performance on the job, its lesser weight than other nozzles, and its maximum 40K psi pressure capacity. So many orders come in every month for Barracuda from Asian customers. You can see Barracudas displaying the StoneAge logo in many Asian countries.

What pumps you up?

It is DRUG! That is:

D for Determination – when I set my mind to a task it energizes me to go and pursue it.
R is for Repeat customer; it really motivates me when they come back because I gave them good service.
U stands for Understanding, feeling I have understood what they mean (also, a sign that my English is getting better!!).
G is for Goal-achieving targets – really makes me feel good, and helps me set the bar even higher for the next time.

What is your proudest moment?

2011 was a very happy time for me as a member of StoneAge because the company and I were facing many stiff challenges in expanding the Chinese market. Writing in 2012 however, I can say, StoneAge in Asia has some proud achievements to its credit: for a start, we have almost tripled our annual sales as compared to 2010 in China. When KP, our CEO, made a positive comment on our performance in 2011, I was there to witness it and felt very good to be a member of the team. That is the proudest moment in my career.

How to contact me:

Phone: 970-259-2869
Chinese speaking: 13910982342

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