StoneAge Dealer Support Team

Andrew Birt

Independent Dealer Manager

Andrew started in the waterblast industry in 1997 and worked as a dealer for several waterblast tool and accessory manufacturers from Europe and the USA before working directly with StoneAge in 2010. Based in the UK, Andrew has a unique understanding of how to make sure our US manufactured tools get integrated into the European market.

What is your favorite tool?

The Banshee would be my favorite tool. Technology and simplicity in perfect harmony.

What is your super power?

My super power is being able to understand and identify what customers need and want even when they are not sure themselves and being able to decipher the various slang and localized terms that our customers use to describe tools, equipment, applications and threads.

What pumps you up?

The diversity of my job! Getting to work with our dealers, their customers and the StoneAge team is a lot of fun. I love working with the StoneAge Solutions Team and liaising with the dealer/end user to come up with waterblasting solutions.

How to contact me:

Phone: +44 7788926261

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