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StoneAge Releases New Banshee Beetle Tube Cleaning Tool
Newest Banshee tool packs the most effective tube cleaning technology in the industry into a tiny rotary nozzle that can navigate elbows and bends in process piping, drain lines and u-tube bundles. Featured tool: Banshee Beetle
PRWeb Release, October 2014

StoneAge Named One of OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work 2014
Each year, OUTSIDE recognizes the top 100 companies in the United States that help their employees strike the ideal balance between work and play. Featured: Company Culture
OUTSIDE Magazine, October 2014

Waterblast Equipment Manufacturer Celebrates 35 Years
StoneAge’s long-time engineering focus and in-depth experience afford it a level of expertise that’s hard to match. Featured: StoneAge
BIC Magazine, October 2014

StoneAge Releases New Warthog® WGR Magnum Sewer Jetting Tool
High-performance Rotary Sewer Nozzle Proven to Operate at Least Four Times Longer between Maintenance Intervals is Adopted by Major US Municipality. Featured tool: Warthog WGR Magnum
PRWeb Release, August 2014

Special Promotion on StoneAge Bundle Blaster™ Portable Shell Side Heat Exchanger Cleaning Systems for Fall Turnaround Season
The Bundle Blaster shell side cleaning system from StoneAge offers a powerful and affordable automated solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers and tube bundles. Featured tool: Bundle Blaster
PRWeb Release, August 2014

Safer, More Consistent Pipe Cleaning With AutoBox™ Remote Controlled Hose Handling Systems
StoneAge, Inc. is pleased to announce the market release of the AutoBox ABX-500 hands-free hose handling system. Featured tool: AutoBox ABX-500
PRWeb Release, May 2014

StoneAge Releases the Blackhawk™ Concrete Hydro-Demolition Tool
StoneAge announces a powerful and cost effective solution for concrete removal and surface restoration. Featured tool: Blackhawk BHK-100
PRWeb Release, February 2014

StoneAge Company Profile
StoneAge and CEO Kerry Siggins Blast through the naysayers to put Durango MFG on the map.
Company Week, October 2013

Safe and Powerful
StoneAge introduces new line of hydroexcavation jetting heads at Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo. Featured tool: Hydro-X
Cleaner, September 2013

The Value of COIN
StoneAge is featured in this focus article about the culture of innovation in Colorado.
Durango Herald – Focus on Business, August 2013

Envirosight Announces New Sled Design for Patent-pending JetScan™ Video Nozzle
Envirosight’s JetScan video nozzle mounts to any jetter hose, capturing HD footage of sewer and storm water pipe before and after its cleaned. Featured tool: StoneAge Custom Solutions
PRWeb Release, July 2013

StoneAge Custom Solutions introduces new website
Do you have a specific problem or application that requires a unique waterblast solution?
Cleaner, March 2013

Businesses fear the unknown
Questions surround coming health-insurance changes. StoneAge featured as local business making strides toward employee health and wellness.
Durango Herald, December 2012

Growing outside city limits
Durango and La Plata county joint planning initiatives for development in areas immediately outside city limits. StoneAge featured as “one of Durango’s shining stars”.
Durango Herald, November 2012

StoneAge No Dinosaur
Working with the La Plata Electric Association, StoneAge pursues efficient lighting solutions.
LPEA, November 2012

New Flex Lance Connection of SPIR STAR Hose Type 3/6 for 40,600psi
In close cooperation with the nozzle manufacturer StoneAge (USA), SPIR STAR has developed a revolutionary fitting design for small tube cleaning. Featured tool: Banshee BN13-40K
Offshore Technology.com, October 2012

Lean and Clean
No-Clogg Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service, Inc. in Pasadena, CA adapts to economic pressures and thrives. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Cleaner, July 2012

The Clean Streets of Carolina
A thorough audit and prioritized repair schedule eliminate Laurens County’s sewer overflow problems. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Municipal Sewer & Water, June 2012

High Pressure Waterjets Used to Fracture Coke Buildup
High pressure water to fracture buildup from the walls of cokers which can accumulate a layer od nearly pure carbon one foot thick or more due to the 900-1000 degree heat needed for refining. Featured tool: StoneAge Custom Solutions
Jet News, April 2012

Power of Persuasion
Technically sound programs and gentle persistence helped Sierra Vista pretreatment coordinator Hector Hagele get FOG under control. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Municipal Sewer & Water, February 2012

Fast Draw
A utility in Texas becomes the first to do in-house sewer lining projects using a new manhole-to-manhole cured-in-place process. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Municipal Sewer & Water, December 2011


Internships create a win-win
Students explore careers, businesses develop sharper workforce.
Durango Herald, August 2011

Turbocharging business
For 3 days, Colorado’s economic mechanics called Durango home.
Durango Herald, April 2011

Local women find business backing
Resources, recent legislation help increase opportunities for women.
Durango Herald, November 2010

Full Circle
A business that started in residential drain cleaning evolves into a client base built almost solely on municipal, industrial and commercial accounts. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Cleaner, September 2010

Advanced Hydro-Marketing Mentality
Integrated promotion programs and professional appearance and service help Advanced Hydro-Jet win in a crowded market. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Cleaner, July 2010

Ever Independent
Kyle Baxter has never worked for a paycheck – always for himself. His growing business prospers on sharp marketing and word-of-mouth built on quality service. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Cleaner, May 2010

Money Machines: All-Purpose Performer
A converted van carries waterjetting, CIPP lining, drain cleaning and inspection equipment for Advanced Hydro-Jet and Rooter Service Inc. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Cleaner, March 2010

Tough Job: Just Can’t Stop
A Florida contractor uses cured-in-place pipe to rehabilitate machine drainage lines in a potato chip processing plant. Featured tool: Warthog sewer nozzles
Cleaner, February 2010

5 firms to watch
Area businesses among 50 honored for state award.
Durango Herald, August 2009

Ritter reassures businesses
Governor tells Durango owners financial help available.
Durango Herald, March 2009

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